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Meet Our Team



Executive Director

About Me:

Bijaya Pokharel is the Executive Director of the Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre (ANCC). He comes to the ANCC from the Neighbourhood Empowerment Resource Centre (NEARC Inc.), a Winnipeg-based not-for-profit.

Bijaya is an accomplished people-focused non-profit leader, harnessing over two

decades of experience in youth empowerment, reconciliation, and organizational

development. He is a dedicated community leader who has worked tirelessly in the not-for-profit sectors as an Executive Director.


Bijaya is fiercely passionate about people, places, communities, and nature. He has experience in volunteering in Canada’s North. He has volunteered for eight months in the Indigenous community of Fort Providence, Northwest Territories with Dene people. 

In his role as the Executive Director of the NEARC Inc., Bijaya has sharpened critical

skills in non-profit leadership, board governance, strategic planning, fundraising, and gained a greater understanding of Truth and Reconciliation of Canada (TRC)’s Calls to Action and Sustainable Development Goals aka Agenda 2030. His adept oversight extends to budgeting, volunteer engagement, staff recruitment, coaching, and solidifying stakeholder partnerships. Bijaya excels in designing inclusive processes that involve diverse cross-sector partners. In the process, he has built a robust brand identity, chiefly by creating a youth reconciliation hub also known as BMIN youth hub.


Bijaya's international footprint is evident through his participation in conferences and training sessions across 17 countries, including the USA, UK, and Israel. A highlight in his journey was addressing Ministerial Level Delegates at the United Nations in New York, representing global youth perspectives during the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD +5) Meeting. He has been nominated for prestigious awards, such as the Global 500 Youth Environmental Award and the Rolex Awards for Enterprises.

Bijaya and his family moved to Waterloo Region in 2022 from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bijaya invites connections and collaborations. He welcomes opportunities and inquiries via email at


Project Coordinator

About Me:

I have always had a strong passion for community development and helping others reach their potential. I come from a background in community sports, where I strive to help athletes enjoy their sporting experiences and come back year after year. Now I teach a Coaching & Leadership class at Western University, challenging university students to think differently about how they can make their mark as leaders. I take the same approach with ANCC, as I strive to provide unique and novel personal development experiences for our children, youth, staff and volunteers. 

What Community Means to Me:

Community is all about everyone coming together to build something special. In that equation, a sense of place is always imperative and there is nowhere else I'd rather build that belonging than Alison Neighbourhood. I believe that everyone deserves to feel as though they are part of something greater. 



Recreation Coordinator

About Me:

I am originally from Edmonton, but I have lived in the Waterloo Region for about 5 years now! I have been working with kids for several years now in every environment you can think of - classrooms, day camps, sports programs, even photography workshops! I love seeing individuals grow and collaborate to create a welcoming and friendly community for all. 

What Community Means to Me:

Community to me is all about bringing people together to create a loving and supportive environment full of meaningful connections. 


Community Engagement Coordinator


About Me:

I have been living in the KW area for about 7 years now. I love the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. I have been playing sports all my life, but don't mind kicking back and throwing on a movie or tv show at home. I am super excited to be part of the ANCC team and make a difference in the community! I am passionate about helping people and leaving a positive impact in the neighbourhood!.

What Community Means to Me:

Community is about having each other's backs, it's a place to share experiences, shared values, and stories where we can connect and grow together for generations to come! 

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