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Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre is a non-profit dedicated toward providing a safe space and innovative play experiences for the children, youth and families in our community. Through family events, after school programs, evening recreation programs and camps, we provide a place for everyone to learn new skills, make new friends and enjoy positive experiences within our community.
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ANCC encourages individual and community growth by providing enriching opportunities close to home.

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An inclusive and thriving neighbourhood where residents can grow together.




We strive to create innovative play-based experiences that present participants with opportunities they won’t find anywhere else. Through the dedication of our staff team, we create opportunities for non-parental adult role models to enter the lives of our participants, helping them build pathways for their futures. 

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We believe in the power of both individual and collective connection. We want our families to feel connected to their neighbours, and utilize our programs and events as a stepping stone toward enhanced connection with others in the community, a sense of belonging to our centre, and a shared sense of identity within familial relationships. 

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We welcome everyone and anyone into our centre, and celebrate inclusivity, diversity and the safety of our programs. In doing so, we want everyone in our community to feel as though they can be their truest, most authentic self.

Our leaders are all dedicatedly trained on how to create optimal environments for participants to both enjoy programs and learn new skills along the way, and are never afraid to showcase their own personalities to the participants – thus allowing our participants to feel comfortable doing the same. 



"What I love about ANCC is the amazing people I've met over the years. Every day is amazing, fun, crazy, weird, and every day I look forward to going to programs. I can't wait to be a volunteer, staff, and steal Rhys's job."

- Maui - Participant of our After School Program, SPARK, Girls Club, Learn To Skate


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"One of the many things I love about Alison Neighbourhood is the fact that leaders are always participating and caring. The leaders play with us when we do games and activities. ANCC leaders care for the kids and treat us like family, which makes me feel like I'm at home."

- Emilie - Participant of our After School Program, SPARK, Learn To Skate, Girls Club.


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