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Our Philosophy

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Alison Neighborhood's Breakfast Club is one of our most impactful programs! Every day, we provide children in our community with the most important meal of the day before they go off to school.


June 10th

1. One registration form must be completed for each child. Email to request the form.

2. Cost for Breakfast Club is $50 per month (contingent on funding). Registration requires payment of first and last month's fees. 

3. Should you require outreach services please contact Eric Banumas, our Family Outreach Worker at 519-498-7281 or prior to registration.

Filling Bellies, Fueling Potential

Through our daily breakfast club program, we are investing in the future of children and youth. The ripple effects are seen and felt within families, schools, and communities!

Breakfast Club Benefits

Providing Breakfast ...

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Can provide energy to promote increased physical activity.

Can build cognitive function and increase emotional engagement.

Can increase focus resulting in improved academic performance.

Can reduce risk of mental illness and psychological distress.

Is associated with higher diet quality and reduce deficiencies. 

Giving Kids a Head Start!


"I liked when we made pancakes with chocolate chips! They filled my hungry belly!"

- A.G, age 6

"'s always fun to make new friends. When I see other people make new friends it makes my heart super warm. That's why you need to come to the breakfast club..."

- M.L, age 10

Registration opens June 10

Total Fundraised To Date


A huge thank you to our donors, sponsors, and community members!

* This is accurate as of November 1st, 2022 with our Fiscal Year starting September 1st

What You Can Do To Help

ANCC is looking for people willing to volunteer their time at Breakfast Club! 

Help us continue to support children and youth gain access to healthy food.

Join us on September 25th for the ANCC Graffiti Run to fill bellies and fuel potential!

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