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 Alison Neighbourhood in the News
Mill Creek Has New Resident Trout For Community To Enjoy                              Apr 25, 2012
Power in numbers                                                                                                         Dec 8, 11
Police award shared with community                                                                      Dec 8, 11
Neighbourhood's efforts recognized with international                                       Dec 8, 11
policing award
Alison Neighbourhood Wins Peace Medallion                                                        Nov 19, 10
Camp World Cup                                                                                                               Aug 5, 10
Neighbourhood Playground Programs Take Youth Challenge                                          
Youths overcome trouble on Cambridge streets                                                      May 4, 10
Local Olympic Dream                                                                                                      Feb 17, 10
Tunnel Cleanup Just a start for community group                                                 Sep 29, 09
A Great Clean up job                                                                                                       Sep 26, 09
Partying in the tunnel                                                                                                      Sep 25, 09
Party planned to celebrate City's clean up of Elgin Street                                    Sep 22, 09
pedestrian tunnel
City talking about fixing neglected Elgin Street                                                         Jul 28, 09
walkway tunnel               
Taking back the tunnel:                                                                                                   Jul 24, 09
Walkway clean up shows new vision for community
Neighbours rally to clean Elgin Street pedestrian tunnel                                        Jul 23, 09
Neighbours ready to clean up vandalized pedestrian tunnel                                  Jul 22,09
Big things for little community                                                                                       Jul 21, 09
Foundation helps launch breakfast, literacy clubs                                                     Jul 9, 09
Fourth annual mayor's Gala night May 22                                                                 May 16, 08
Times nominated for Mayor's Award                                                                           May 9, 08
Pppuuuulllll!                                                                                                                       Feb 29, 08    
United Way invests in LEAD                                                                                           Oct 25, 07

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