Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre
"CommYOUnity... It's what YOU put into it"

An inclusive and thriving neighbourhood where
residents can grow together. 



 Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre is
committed to  providing an inclusive, accepting
and safe environment to encourage personal
and community growth through fun and enriching opportunities close to home.

Strategic Directives
Collaboration & Resource Development
Program & Community Development
Governance & Board Development
Human & Voluntary Resource Development


The neighbourhood’s collective identity As "Alison" derives from the Alison Avenue sweeping across most of the catchment and Alison Park Public School central location. The roots of community leadership can be traced back to the City of Cambridge Summer Playground program and the formation of an outdoor ice rink committee out of Vardon Park in the Late 1980s. Families soon began to identify themselves as being from the Alison Neighbourhood or Alison Park Neighbourhood. Alison Neighbourhood Association, (ANA) formed in 1991 by a group of mothers who felt that more community-based programs were needed to provide opportunities to parents with children of similar ages and to connect and interact.

As ANA grew, Alison Park School provided ANA with a small space within the school as home base, but the association needed a larger, more permanent space. Reports about neighbouring St. Anne Catholic School’s impending expansion motivated the ANA Board to begin negotiations around securing a permanent home for the Association. With St. Anne School’s support, the Board began an aggressive fundraising campaign for an office, storage space, meeting room and shared use of the kitchen and gymnasium within St. Anne School as part of the expansion. ANA sent a delegation to City Council to ask for financial support in the amount of $60,178. The City voted in July, 1998 to support the Association and a year later struck a partnership agreement with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to determine how both groups would share the space. On June 4, 1999, Alison Neighbourhood Association officially opened its doors to the community. The organization was officially incorporated in April 30 2001 as Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre, (ANCC) to reflect the newly created space and identity. The City of Cambridge continues to support ANCC by providing funding for staff and help with administration. 
History of the Neighbourhood: Soper Park